The internet is often referred to as the information super highway. What good is a highway when it is congested and everyone is moving at snail speed?

At Nisseky, we are offering you superfast internet, data and voice access, utilizing wireless broadband, GSM and other telecommunication technologies, at a price you cannot resist. This might not sound like such a big deal, but it might interest you to know that we have the additional technology to ensure that irrespective of your location, you remain connected at very good signal strength, to ensure superb voice clarity and superfast download speeds.

YES! It doesn't matter the location; home, office, school, hospital, hotel, club house, bunker, mobile, offshore vessel, etc, we utilize Distributed Antenna System technology(DAS) amongst others to ensure that you have access to internet, data and voice services at even the most challenging locations. Give us a call today.

Do you need a telephone system for your office? You can have a look at our bouquet of telephone access solutions tailored for the office environment. Click here for more details.