Nisseky is here to help you and your business. We are a Nigerian based limited liability company, and our goal is to offer I.T. enhanced solutions that enable our clients do their business with the highest levels of productivity, cost effectiveness and HSE compliance.

Whatever the demands of your business may be, with our unique portfolio of I.T. solutions, we are well positioned to meeting and indeed exceeding your expectations.

Welcome on-board!


Get going with the best solutions before your business is off the ground.



Are you worried about the reliability of your I.T. infrastructure? Are you in a startup and are not quite sure of the resources you require?

Nisseky Nigeria can answer all your technology questions to let you focus on growing your business.

We are skilled at integrating computer networks, telephone data and security systems, and provision of scalable corporate branding solutions. We will give you all the I.T. support you require to ensure that your business is moving smoothly.

Defend against both hard and soft security intrusions and keep your I.T. assets safe and secure.


​​With the ever increasing awareness of our fast depleting natural resources, coupled with the negative environmental impact of burning fossil fuels, renewable energy is fast gaining ground as a viable cleaner option.

We at Nisseky are at pace with this trend. Our renewable energy and alternative backup power solutions are designed and customized to the exact energy demands of our clients.​

Establish your business presence so customers can find and know you.