Various factors may contribute to poor GSM or Wi-Fi network signal reception in your area, the main reason being that you may be located outside of the target network coverage area.

In addition, building materials(concrete, steel, roofing sheets, etc.) used in home and office construction, are known to adversely degrade cellular reception. This may cause the indoor network reception to be very spotty, weak or outright unavailable. As the signal degrades, the first service you lose is internet data, followed by voice calls dropping.

In order to rectify this situation, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is deployed to effectively boost the cellular signal availability indoors, or even outdoors within a particular location.

It does not matter the gene​​ration of GSM technology your mobile device uses. Our DAS solution caters for all GSM technologies, from 1G to the most recent 4G-LTE technologies.

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This solution is ideal for locations such as:

·         Homes

·         Offices & Campuses
·         Hotels
·         Airport lounges
·         Shopping Malls/Supermarkets

·         Vehicles in transit

·         Hospitals
·         Basements
·         Underground bunkers
·         Offshore oil platforms
·         Point Of Sale (POS) payment machines
·         Offsite Automated Teller Machines ( ATM )​​

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